extract from Andrian Iliopoulos’

On the surface, Bitcoin is a digital currency. For when people get interested in it they do so because they see it as a form of investment or as an alternative payment method. However, when one starts to dive deeper into the idea of what Bitcoin represents, one can see something quite groundbreaking. One can see the future of humanity.

If you take a look at our history as species, you will realize that our progress is predicated upon the progress of our governing systems. What we are constantly trying to achieve is the optimization of our societies in order to reach a state of universal equality and dissipation of suffering. We have tried monarchy, oligarchy, democracy, communism, and other forms of governance and none of them have lived up to our expectations. Our ideal political system is none of that.

Ideally, we would be happy with a mode of anarchy that favors the ability of the individual to offer value within society. We don’t need governments to take care of us. We know that we can do that by ourselves, but the mere structure of our social patterns don’t allow us to do so.

Especially when the monetary system is structured in such a crazy way.

And here is where the idea of Bitcoin comes into play. Bitcoin is a decentralized system, which means that it is not governed by anyone. This seemingly small idea can lead to a monumental shift in the way we interact with each other and eventually re-engineer our whole thinking motifs.

The average person doesn’t see that. However, bitcoin renegades do see it. And if they don’t see it, they feel it. That’s what makes them so crazy about bitcoin. That’s what really keeps them investing in it.

Throughout my whole life, I have been part of many social groups. I have been part of football teams support groups, I have been part of university groups, I have been part of political groups. During my interaction with various entities within the groups I joined, I noticed a similar pattern. The groups that usually prevailed were the ones whose supporters showcased two important attributes: Dedication and intelligence.

Dedication is required in order to keep the group running. Without dedication, the members can’t stay engaged and, eventually, the group dissolves. However, dedication alone isn’t enough. You can be dedicated, but if you aren’t smart enough to understand what goes on behind the veil of reality, you can’t sustain a group’s stature and also outperform other groups.

The bitcoin community is comprised of some of the most dedicated and intelligent people I have ever encountered in my whole life. Take a look at this talk by Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos:

The intellectual rigor and the passion entailed in his speech is contagious. And he is just one of the many intellectuals that have embarked on the bitcoin train and are urging the rest of us to join too.

Notwithstanding, an important thing to note is that the major adopters of the bitcoin philosophy aren’t the average joes of the world. They are people with skin in the game of technology and knowledge in areas like programming and engineering. That adds a layer of security in the bitcoin movement that very few revolutionary movements in the history of the homo sapiens species accrued.

Written on January 20, 2018